Dr. Princess Fumi Stephanie Hancock

DNP of the Emure Kingdom

Did you ever wonder if the story “Coming to America” was true?

This is a Cinderella story about an African Princess. Only, this is not a fairy tale but a true story.  Fumi grew up in the Western Region of Nigeria, West Africa as an African Princess. Her grandfather, Odundun Ogunleye ruled the people in peace and harmony. As a young princess being groomed to one day take up her responsibility in the royal household, that is, to help her kingdom, Emure Kingdom, she had other dreams of also becoming a prolific and celebrated writer both in the literary world and in the movies. Her dreams to one day write books, create innovative mental health solutions and make name for herself outside of royalty, was the driving force behind her agreeing to her father’s demands to come to America to further her post-graduate studies at the age of 17.

One thing her father did not bank on was that Princess Fumi would later on decide to stay behind in America, fend for herself and live a simple life amongst Americans. Now, almost 30 years; she realizes the importance of her royal blood, the responsibilities and the obligations she must face on a daily basis to help her people in Emure Kingdom. A few years ago, with the advent of the reigning King- His Royal Majesty- Emmanuel Adebayo, she finally discloses her royal status to her American friends and now shuttles between the kingdom and her home in USA to bridge the gap between both worlds. 2010 when the King visited her at her US residence, it marked a pivotal moment as the capital of the Kingdom was named a sister city to Spring Hill, TN, a TN suburb where the princess has also called home for years. This marked a new era for Princess Fumi and the saga continues….

Bestselling Author, NAFCA African Oscar & Indiefest Film Award Winner,  African Heritage Leadership Recipient, TV Personality, International Transformation Interventionist & Philanthropist

NAFCA (Nollywood Films Critics Association, Hollywood, CA) African Oscar Peoples’ Choice Favorite Screenwriter

Indiefest Films Merit Awards for Women in Films

Accolade Global Films Merit Ward: Women in Films

African Heritage Award: Contributions in Films, Writing, and philanthropic work in Africa (African Heritage Festival Nashville, TN)

Dr. Hancock with her love for the literary arts and behavioral health sciences, as her area of expertise, she has managed to strike a balance between the two, through her TV /Radio shows, documentaries, feature films, books, and her mental health-wellness presentations. To date, she has written over 11 books, 4 of which have become bestsellers and on the heels of releasing other books in the personal & success development arena. Her recent book, Your Vision Torch has been received by organizations, ministries, and colleges, in Africa, USA, Pakistan and other countries as a success strategy tool. When she is not writing or making movies, she is a sought after International Public Speaker, (indoctrinated into the National Speakers’ Bureau & Women’s Speakers Bureau-USA), with interesting topics ranging from mental health, wellness, self-help development, personal & success growth & success.  She has been invited to train traditional and political leaders in Africa on Innovative Leadership as well as be a note speaker in African Universities during their convocation ceremonies. Her doctorate dissertation, using mobile application as an adjunct in treating patients’ with anorexia nervosa earned her an invitation to speak at the Sigma Theta Tau International Convention.

Some say she is a Social Changer; others say a Transformation Catalyst seeking to extend the hand & heart of social justice, and many call her a Story weaver who strives to bridge the gap between Africa and America.
Dr. Fumi Stephanie Hancock, RN, DNP, an African Princess living in Diaspora is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner turned Screenwriter, President of The Princess of Suburbia® LLC, and the host of a nominated NAFCA African Oscar Lifestyle Talk Show, The Princess in Suburbia® (currently aired on ROKU and Comcast, Michigan). She was a columnist for over two years at The New American Times, Tennessee where she wrote on “Mental Health in the Media” and has been featured in several newspapers such as the Tennessean, Tennessean Tribune. Her accolades span from Africa to the US, as the most recent NAFCA African Oscar Peoples’ Choice Award Winner~ as Favorite Screenwriter, Indiefest & Accolade Global Films Merit Award Winner, and Depth of Field International Film Festival, Woman of Excellence in Films Award Winner.  On the heels of her recently released award winning movie, Of Sentimental Value, she launched a woman-centric radio show, The Southern Warrior Sister-Tribe which is gaining grounds globally from her homestead, Nashville Tennessee.

Her greatest achievement besides her husband, Dr. David Hancock & their 4 grown children is her philanthropic work in Africa (The Princess of Suburbia® Foundation). Dr. Hancock’s ultimate mission is to inspire, motivate, empower, and equip others; helping them to value themselves, connect/reconnect with their true calling, and live a well-balanced life.  Her desire is to create platforms for others who have not had the opportunity to be heard by telling their stories, one woman at a time. September 2015 alongside a Nobel Prize winner, Dr Wole Soyinka is being honored by the NAFCA Africa Oscar Film Critic Association in Hollywood, California for their contribution to Literary Arts Globally.

What is her mantra? One Event Can Change Your Life Forever!

Depth of Field International Film Festival: Merit Award, Screenwriter

Doctor of Nurse Practice (DNP) in Mental Health with Areas of interest: Self-Image, Eating Disorders in silent cultures, Mood Disorders.

2015 Prestigious Honorary Award by NAFCA African Oscar Organization, Hollywood, California.