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Identity Crisis Can Destroy Clarity in Vision. Let’s Explore….

Be Clear About Your Identity! Know How to Plan Your Exit Strategy for Where You Ought to be, and Create an Effective Success Blueprint for Your Rescue!

Welcome to the Princess of Suburbia® Medallion Institute. Come on right in and settle down. Learn from one who has mastered what you are getting ready to embark on. Finding ones purpose, living it loud, and fearlessly is a dream most desire. Sadly, not too many people find the sweet spot. Many are swallowed up in the mundane things of life.

If you are ready for the shift, then you are in the right place. Do not allow
finances or other things to intimidate away from investing in yourself.
~Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, BSN, MA, DNP.

The Princess of Suburbia® Innovative Mentoring Programs Unleash Your Inner Genius and Rock Star!

Mewithands2If what you have been doing is not working, it is time to fearlessly co-partner in your Own Success Rescue™.

Each year, many look for ways to ensure that their vision, dreams, life purpose are fulfilled. Sadly, each year goes by and goals they intended to fulfill are never accomplished.

If you have ever been frustrated about unfulfilled goals; if you are overwhelmed and feel a sense of being stuck in one place; if you are looking for ways to catapult from where you are now, (discontent, dissatisfied with life), to where you ought to be, (triumphant, overcoming, fulfilled, financially free), if you are ready to quit your “9-5 rat race” and join the group of successful entrepreneurs who are living their live purpose and unleashing their “Inner Genius and Rock Star, then hear this, YOU NEED A PROVEN & INNOVATIVE STRATEGY FOR YOUR SUCCESS RESCUE ™ .

4x Bestselling author, NAFCA African Oscar & Indiefest Film Award Winner, TV /Radio Personality, Int’l Speaker, Mental Health Interventionist, & Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Your Vision midwife, DR. PRINCESS FUMI S. HANCOCK, BSN, MA, DNP welcomes you to her proven 7 steps innovative system where you will learn how to Discover, Ignite, Launch, Live your Passion Fearlessly, and Turn it into Profit without going broke!

The Princess of Suburbia® Mentoring Programs comprise of  the following:

(1). One-on- One Mentoring
(2). MUST HAVE e-Courses
(3). Innovative System: YOUR VISION TORCH(TM) Series

(1). One-on-One Mentoring Programs:

(1). One-on-One Mentoring Programs:

Many have requested individual mentoring by the Princess. Mentoring will involve discovering your dream business and learning how to turn it into profit by creating a success blueprint. Newbie Writers, Do-Over Writers, Nurse-Writers, Coaches, and Speakers are my core tribe. Let me use my expertise as someone who has written 15  books and 4 have made the Bestsellers list; one has been made into a feature film schedule for release in 2016 and have since won 5 international awards, Indiefest Film Awards & 2 African Oscar Awards in Hollywood California. I know how to prepare a book for possible Film Producer’s consideration.

Each mentoring “unit” will be set to guide mentee from point A to point B, incorporating what they need to know on an individual basis. Each unit in personalized to the mentee, with topics handled that specifically address concerns of mentee.

A mentoring “unit” is defined as a 4 week agreement between mentor and mentee to work together. Each mentoring unit will cost the same price but topics will change as mentee progresses.

(1a).  Mentoring: M1 Exec-strategy:

45 Minutes Executive Strategy Session: If you are looking to speak with me to assess your situation; if you are a writer (newbie, do-over, veteran), coach, speaker, and need a candid access of where you are and how to push to your next level, assessment will the first way to go. For those who are looking to exit their current job positions; or perhaps eager to start a new business; this session is also for you. Here, we will discuss which program is best suited for you, if you choose to move into the mentoring program.

Investment: $99.00

Being Proactive is Key to Success!

While many learn well in a group setting or a self-paces environment, there are few who desire to have one-on-one attention. No worries!

THIS SPECIAL RATE IS ONLY AVAILABLE to my Fearless Visionaries-VIP who are currently enrolled in my ” HOW TO WRITE YOUR PASSION PLAN: Purpose -Priority – Strategy for Life, Home, Career/ Business.
This offer is only valid during your enrollment in the course. Course is expected to be completed between 4-5 weeks of your initial enrollment.

45 Minutes for $79: If you need extra special attention to ensuring that you are on the right path with writing your super-duper Actionable Passion Plan, let’s talk!

Please send an email to: after payment
Link to schedule time with Your Vision Midwife, Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock will be delivered thereafter.



(1b). Mentoring: M2 Mentoring:

A mentoring unit will be $497 and this includes virtual meetings during a 4 week period of 1 hour per week. If you are a writer, mentorship is tailored to your needs. “My Life-story to Book E-Course Program” is highly recommended as a compliment to mentorship for those who are looking to write their stories. Special rates apply to picture book writers. The first step is to schedule an assessment session to create a personalized program for YOU. This is your journey.

A mentoring relationship will consist of working through one or more of the following. The mentorship relationship is “time” you are paying for with the Princess to work with you to help you move forward. You WILL NOT accomplish all of these areas in one 4 week mentoring, but it depends on addressing the personalized nature of you and your business.

  • Discover
    1. Who you are
      1. Complete a vision torch personality profile
  • Create
    1. Your legacy statement
      1. plans
  • Understand the business elements
  • Maintaining your business to ensure long-term viability
    1. Plan your work, work your plan
    2. Detailed Program will be discussed during assessment session. Book your assessment today.


(1b). Monitoring: M2 monitoring:

A monitoring unit is intensive mentoring and will be $897, involving 2 hours per week during a 4 week period addressing the same issues but with more time to discuss them. This is for those who require a more intensive approach to accomplishing their goals.

Investment: $897

(2). MUST HAVE e-Courses

Before you think about not taking the following e-Courses, I want you to consider these thoughts:

We have all heard this phrase: Knowledge is Power! Studying up and preparing to win the race is crucial to fulfilling ones’ goals  as an entrepreneur. You can never have enough knowledge to prepare for the tasks ahead. But equipping yourself with valuable and priceless information puts you straight on top of the 5% pole with those who succeed. While the following e-courses can be taken independently, they were designed to compliment the One-on-One mentoring programs and are highly recommended.

(2a). Creating a Slam Dunk Success Blueprint: (e1:eCourse)

7days-logo-large-pink (6)

Princess Fumi's new powerful video course is launching soon.

Give me your email to be among the first ones to receive instant access on launch day


(2b). Quit Your Job in 90 Days! (e2:eCourse)

Make An Intentional Transition from a “9-5 Rat Race” to Destiny. If you just got fired, you need this! If you are running a small business and ready to push to the next level, you need an exist strategy from where you are to where you desire to be!
You Will Learn:

  • 7 Steps you must have in place before you quit your job or current status;
  • Why you must create an exit strategy before quitting that job;
  • How to design a plan that rocks!;
  • Cleaning up the “kinks” in the plan;
  • How to implement an effective & successful exit strategy!;
  • Creating a Success Blueprint tailor-made for YOU;
  • What you must consider when developing an exit strategy;
  • Your Vision Map;
  • One Teleconference to ask your Questions.
  • BONUS: Cash Flow Plan

Introductory Investment (Very limited time): $297
Regular Investment: $497

Brand You
(2c). Brand YOU, Inc. on a Shoestring Budget: What Experts Do Not Want You to Know About Branding

(e3: eCourse)
What do you do when you visit an expert in branding and the first thing they tell you is that branding costs you thousands of dollars? What do you do when you know you really can’t afford an expert to maneuver the somewhat complicated journey. The Princess of Suburbia® is a brand which Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock single-handled branded. You can do the same by simply duplicating what she did in less than 8 weeks!

You will learn:

  • Why it is important to brand your business and name
  • How to Assess and/or Investigate Your Target Market
  • Finding Your Personal/Organizational Voice
  • Defining Your Core Message to the World (ie. Your Target Audience)
  • How to Define and Design Your Brand
    •  Determine Your Business Structure
    • Learn How to Trademark Your Brand at low cost
    • Lots More ….
  • How to Execute Your Brand
  • Find out how your brand can bring you residual income
  • One Teleconference with Princess to answer many of your questions.

Introductory Investment (Very limited time): $197
Regular Investment: $347

(2d). My Life story -to- Book Program: Write, Publish, & Market Your Book in 90 Days! (e4:Course)

Many have attempted to write their life-stories or perhaps any book at all and have failed at it! Some ave started and then got stuck in the middle! Many are instigated by the story inside of them and they must write but do not know how to even begin. Let this 4x bestselling author and African Oscar Winning Screenwriter show you how to write a book worthy of being made into a film! her book, Of Sentimental Value, a bestselling book was made into a feature film which won 5 awards before release!

You will learn:

(i). Write:

  • How to Break the Limits Off Your Writing
  • How to Find Your Voice
    •  How to Detect Your Core Message
  • Effective Tools for Effective Writing

(ii). Publish:

  • Different Publishing Avenues: Pros & Cons
  • #1 Avenue you must pursue for better gain and satisfaction
  • Effective Tools for Effective Publishing

(iii). Market:

  • Building Your Tribe
  • Market Research
  • Effective Tools for Self Promotion
  • One Teleconference with Princess to answer many of your questions.
  • Lots more. Details will be discussed further in emails sent to clients.. Sign up to get started.

Introductory Investment: $497
Regular Investment: $597


(2e). NAME OF EVENT: The Legacy & Mindset of a Billionaire™

Are you experiencing “failure to launch” in your home, life, and/or business? Is the “Ceiling Syndrome” plaguing your business or life purpose and you feel stagnated or stuck? Are you working way much overtime and you don’t seem to be getting expected results? Do you spend sleepless nights worried about not having enough? Are you overwhelmed, tired, and need a break from “not getting desired breakthroughs”?

— How to Discover Your Treasures & Jewels
— How to Fearlessly & Successfully Birth Your Legacy
— How to Effectively Release Daily Motivation & Inspiration for Success in Life, Home, & Business/Career
— Detecting Your Dream-makers & Dream-breakers and the Roles They Play in Creating a Billionaire’s Legacy
— How to Shift from a 9-5 rat race Lifestyle to living a Healthy, Wealthy & Prosperous Lifestyle
— How to Pull Your “Money” Mindset from Retirement
–The MUST HAVE Strategy You Need to Connect With Passion & Turn that Passion into Massive Profit
— And lots more. Sign up to receive details of Program

Learn from a 4x Bestselling Author, NAFCA African Oscar Winner, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Publishing Strategist, Book-to-Screen Expert, & Your Vision Midwife™ ~The Princess of Suburbia, DR. PRINCESS FUMI HANCOCK.

Where: Online (Webinar)

Details of registration will be sent to you after payment.

Introductory Investment (Very limited time): $59
Regular Investment: $97

(3). Innovative System: YOUR VISION TORCH Series

Reengineer2b - small

3(a). 9 Days to Re-engineer Your Life Purpose™ is an innovative program as with all of my programs.

It is geared to help you:

  • Identify Your Legacy Asset and It’s Impact in Your Life Journey;
  • Explore Answers to the following Question:
    • Who Do You Think You Are?
  • Discover the Importance of Finding Your Why;
    • Learn Life lessons from a Parked Car
  • Discern the root cause of the “ceiling syndrome” your vision & dreams have been suffering from, for the longest time; which have caused “Failure to Launch”;
    • Accepting Personal Responsibility to Achieve Mastery
  • The Influence Your Past has Over Your Present & Future;
    • Dealing with Unfinished Business
  • Understanding Your Circle of Influence’s alignment and the Assigned Vision Watchmen around you:
    • When a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Sneaks into Your Life
  • Unravel the #1 Magic Bullet You Need to Boost Your Life;
  • How to Maneuver through Your Dream Wish list:
    • Identifying What You Were Created For
  • How to Shift Your Stormy weather into a Victory Dance, and living a re-engineered life purpose.

INTRODUCTORY INVESTMENT (Very limited time): $179.00



GET AUTOGRAPHED COPY from Bestselling Author

Release Your Vision Torch will take you on a life journey. The exercises ushers you into a place where you have to be brutally truthful, for restored strength and rejuvenation to occur. Reading Release Your Vision Torch made me get real with myself about my life, relationships, pass failures and aspirations. This book should be used as a road map to renew your passion in life and as a guide to the keys, unlocking your hidden potentials. At the end of this experience, you will not only learn who is in your train or if you have derailed your vision; but also learn who’s on your boat or if you are heading for a shipwreck. Once you finish the “Step out “development process in the book, you are transformed. It’s like having a makeover for your life or a life hack that will change your spirit. Release Your Vision Torch cannot be refuted or disproved. Release Your Vision Torch is “Undeniable” “Tangible” “Honest” “Irrefutable” “Concrete” “Authentic=Real” “Fire in the Belly”
Maxine Holt Donaldson Vogue Model, Vice President & Co-Host, Southern Warrior Sister-Tribe

Your Vision Torch series is truly what it describes – a “prescription for igniting your dreams and harnessing your vision”. The series including the journal makes a great accompaniment to your daily reading materials. Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock shares with us essential wisdom nuggets and life lessons she has learned along her journey, enabling the reader to yield success in all areas of life. The wisdom nuggets are “daily applications” for your life. She shares a plethora of knowledge, which will strike a chord with the “innovator” in you.

Marlas Triplett Sells President, Southern Warrior Sister-Tribe

Want more of Wisdom Nuggets and Practical tips and tools to launch YOU, Inc.? Take advantage of her newly released YOUR VISION TORCH ™ Collection. Benefit from Dr. Princess Fumi’s Innovative Systems.

Here is YOUR VISION TORCH™ for your consideration:

GET AN AUTOGRAPHED COPY, from Bestselling Author

YVT Collection Series



(4). FIND OUT ABOUT The Princess of Suburbia Medallion’s Legacy Membership Clubs

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