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NAFCA “African Oscar” Winning Screenwriter

Indiefest Films Merit Award Winner

~ Women in Films

Accolade Global Films Merit Award Winner

~ Women in Films

Dept. of Field International Films Award

~ Excellence in Films

Of Sentimental Value

ONE EVENT Elects Who You Are

ONE EVENT Molds Your Values & Believes

ONE EVENT Charts the Course of Your Journey… Good, Bad or Indifferent…


ONE EVENT Will Change Your Life… FOREVER!

SIBERIA TONKA, an African Immigrant’s life turns upside down when she mistakenly loses a family artifact while desperately seeking relief from her heap of debt in America! Unknowst to her, she unleashes a mystical power around her in America and also amongst her loved ones in Africa. She must race to save her sister’s life by retrieving the family artifact while juggling her two unexpected and very different love interests, an African US based wealthy art collector and a simple American consignment store owner. Who wins her heart and will she save her sister in time?

Written by: Princess Fumi Hancock
Executive Producer: Princess Fumi Hancock
Production Companies: Cambium Break Pictures & The Princess of Suburbia®
In Association with DStreet Films & Chichi Movies
Director: J Senelier
Producer: Chichi Njoku
Editor: Matt Pavlo

  • This is a star-studded and suspense grabbing story introducing colorful Africa. Is it a tale of the unexpected, a narrative of what almost all new African immigrants have to cope with in America or is it just a work detailing an epic piece in literary writing? Whatever it you may garner from it, the story is superb.

  • "Hancock has no rivals for her writing on the mysteries of Africa! A gripping adventure, prepare for the ride of your life through the challenges, both in the physical and spiritual plane, of young African immigrant in an unknown world"

  • “Of Sentimental Value” does a super job demonstrating the worth of every individual who lives on this planet. The film is unique in that it opens with actors in the movie sharing painful moments of their past, including abuse and health issues, and how they moved forward to find their “worth” as people of value. Other wonderful examples are featured in the film, including actor Richard Neal explaining that he used to weigh 426 pounds and that his father kicked his mother’s legs with his steel-toed boots. His step dad abused him, telling him he was fat, stupid, and worthless, and he once placed a pistol in his mouth. Instead of ending his life, he went on to lose 242 pounds in 18 months, became an actor, and now says he realizes he is “priceless.” Aleta Myles, who plays Siberia in the movie, talks about losing her hair due to a health problem but how she now has confidence