Transformative Intelligence™ ONE EVENT Can Change™ Your Life Forever Seminar/Conference

When I think of Transformation, what comes to mind most is the phrase “Cocoon to Butterfly”(TM)

Just like the butterfly goes through the stages of becoming a butterfly (from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly) when it is finally able to come into full fruition of what it is meant to be (i.e. a beautiful budding butterfly admired by everyone around it) , same applies to us. They are definitely a perfect example of how nature, environment and their own determination play a huge part in their existence.

Transformative Intelligence(TM) is a technology that will aide your process of becoming in a speed of light!

In every life, there is usually ONE EVENT(TM)… ONE MOMENT which defines our destiny. This program will help you to explore the hidden “One Moment Nugget” that can literally thrust you into your destiny or destination. If you have discovered this event or moment, then bravo. This adventurous journey will help you design a blueprint/roadmap or vision map to help you BIRTH YOUR NEXT LEVEL. The One Event Seminar/ presentation / conference is the vehicle to drive you safely to your delivery stage. You may have attended workshops which teache or talk “at” you about your vision. With Tranformative Intelligence (TM), we are taking a different approach. Rather than get confused about how to harness your vision, we say LOOK at the EVENTS in YOUR LIFE, and make them your transformation catalyst.

“Many are Called. Few are Chosen!” You are called…. that is a good start. What will determine if you are chosen is now the action(s) you take to make things happen!

Let Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock inspire, Motivate, Empower and Provide Evidence-based tools to help you reach your destination. You can be chosen too! You just need someone to guide you through your delivery process, so you do not self abort!

  • I had the most awesome experience at The Let's Go Innovate Conference. It was truly a blessing to hear what God had for me through some of the most amazing and successful en-trepreneurs. It really allowed me to see that the fear I had of not being educated enough to began a ministry and business is truly possible. So I first want to say thank you to Dr. Fumi and Yolanda Shields two great Women of God and Life Coaches for allowing me to be part of such a wonderful conference. My first of many Business conferences to come. Thank you for your obedience and your vision. To Prophetess Precious Cooper, Gary Benz, Sherry Parfait, Kenneth Forte, Carrie Gerlach Cecil, Jenny Telwar, Jennifer McGill, and Mignon Francois. Thank you all for blessing me and sharing your testimonies, stories and successes. May God continue to bless you all.

    Laura Willettee BullocksTN. USA
  • Today I was blessed to sit under the teaching of some amazing entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders: Precious Cooper, Gary Benz, Sherry Parfait, Kenny Forte, Carrie Gerlach Cecil, Jenny Telwar, Jennifer McGill, and Mignon Francois. It was a full day of learning strategic tips and best practices on how to Take Back MY Vision. I am thankful for every speaker, but more importantly thankful to the obedience of Ms. Yolanda Shields and Princess Fumi Hancock for their obedience in hosting this conference. I know for sure that thrones and kings were birthed!! If you weren't able to make it, YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS the 2014 Let's Go Innovate Conference!

    Courtney A. MitchellTN, USA
  • Through her insightful wisdom and authentic leadership, Yolanda has been instrumental in supporting me as I unfold a clearer vision for my passion in ministry and business. Yolanda is an avid facilitator and promoter of your dream. With her commitment to equip, inspire and encourage, I am enthusiastic about putting into action a plan to accomplish my desires.

    Carnethia Wright
  • What a privilege to be trained by one of the best I have ever experienced. LGI owners are very passionate, they work with precision and a no nonsense attitude which often yields results.

    Lola OgunUSA
  • WHAT AN AMAZING CONFERENCE! Thank you ladies for inspiring me to use my gifts and follow my dreams. Can't sleep now, so it looks like a great time to create my very first BLOG!!!(you will be so proud!) Look out world! I'm off and running - Thank you again! Bridgette Brandon—USA Working with Yolanda as my coach gave me the motivation to stay on task and focus on the career goals I had set. She is supportive and encouraging and has a true desire to see you successful.

    Lisa WatersPageant Made Easy, USA
  • Thank you Dr. Fumi Hancock and Yolanda Shields for an awesome teaching.

    Alice JenkinsCorlew, USA