the Princess in Suburbia®

A NEW SEASON, A NEW VISION & MISSION: Princess in Suburbia® TV (THE PRINCESS OF SUBURBIA® BRAND)~A Brain Child of the Glam & Chic Princess~ Fumi Hancock (Princess of Suburbia®) – From the Adumori Royal Dynasty Family in the South Western Region of West Africa.
November 16, 2012; Princess Fumi Hancock’s YA Fantasy Novel, The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell became Amazon’s Teens-Horrors Bestseller. This prompted solicitations from many reviewers, bloggers and readers.

As her royal background was unveiled to them, they wanted to know more! They asked Fumi for a vehicle where they could see her in action. Then came the vision to create an Online TV Show, The Princess in Suburbia® ~ where her fans are invited to Snicker or Cry as this Goddess shares Her Life Story & Dishes Out Spicy Nuggets of Wisdom on Life, Love, Family, Business & Everything Inbetween! In her own words, “if you find her talking about something personal to you, Do Not Shoot the Messenger!”

THE MISSION: Bridging Hollywood, Nollywood, Ghollywood & Bollywood Together in STYLE.

Now mainstream on ROKU/NBN & ChiTV/ COMCAST CABLE TV.

ROKU/ Nashville Broadcasting Network:

24Hrs/ 7 Days a Week


Nashville TN:

Detroit, Michigan: 
Saturday 3PM ET – 3.30 PM ET

Lansing, Michigan:
Saturday 3 PM ET – 3.30 PM ET

Indianapolis, Indiana:

ChiTV/ Afrocentroc Network TV:

Houston, Texas:
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Southern Warrior Sister Tribe


To “change the world…one woman at a time…one story at a time” and, “lead women on a journey of self-discovery as they tear down personal veils to reveal their most vulnerable assets, taking a healing journey to self-empowerment through faith.”